Product Overview

This is the Scanner Bin:

This product has two primary uses and a third use. One is to act as a simple storage bin for documents and the other is to use with your smartphone to scan documents. Additionally, you can configure it as a light box.

Smartphones are quickly replacing flatbed scanners as the go-to solution for quick scanning, especially for home-users. There are many scanning apps such as CamScanner, Tiny Scan, or Genius Scan that can be downloaded onto your phone but, there are some difficulties that people face when scanning with their smartphones.

Those are:

One – Alignment

Two – Lighting

Three – Scanning folded paper

And Four – You need to hold your phone while scanning

Those difficulties go away when you use the Scanner Bin.

When the scanner Bin is placed on it’s side, it serves to align your phone’s camera to the document in a repeatable and stable fashion. It is designed to use with iPhones or Android models, and will scan 8.5 x 11 inch documents, most common receipt sizes, and everything in between.

No more trying to hold your phone perfectly still, at the right height, tilt, and rotation as you work through scanning a stack of papers.

The Scanner Bin lets you place your phone down and frees you up to position items to scan. This allows you to scan a pile of papers of all shapes and sizes faster than any other scanning solution.

For illumination, you can use a standard desk lamp pointed into the bin (which is helpful when you are scanning a high-gloss document, like a picture or a magazine) or you can allow the smartphone flash to take care of the lighting.

Think about the Scanner Bin as a physical “to-do” list. As you go through-out the week or month, simply toss receipts, product warranties, letters, checks, sticky notes, or notebooks into the bin and on some regular basis go back and address each item, scan them so that you always have access to the information, and then perhaps shred and recycle the paper to free yourself from the clutter.

Integrate the Scanner Bin into your regular routine and it will help you to stay organized.

As an added benefit, the Scanner Bin folds up to fit into your travel bag or backpack in case you need to scan documents while on the road or maybe on campus.

In the era of smartphones, there is really no need to buy a dedicated scanner.

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