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Scanner Bin – extended description

Along the same lines as Google Cardboard, this tool works with your smartphone to scan documents, photos, and other objects quickly and easily.

Uses we are most proud of:
– Offered by Occupational Therapists to their Blind and Visually Impaired patients to aid their daily lives in reading documents out loud
– All of the future law school student who have taken the LSAT over the last few years have had their tests scanned with a Scanner Bin at the administrating site prior to the hard copy being mailed to the Law School Admission Council (LSAC)
– Offered by Professional Organizers (NAPO) to their small business and home office clients
– Used by Family History consultants to scan hundreds of documents and photos for archive in the Family Search database

Other Common Uses:
– Scan a stack of paper or a notebook in under a minute
– Scan receipts for returns and insurance records
– Students use it to digitize their notes
– Scan family pictures
– Real-estate agents complete deals from anywhere
– Professional drivers scan receipts right in their vehicle
– Property managers scan invoices
– Trade-show warriors
– Small business owners
– Attorney’s, accountants, dental offices, architects

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