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      The Clever Scanning Solution - for documents, photos, receipts, invoices, fragile items, homework and anything else you may want to scan!

      Our Story

      How we got our start?

      Scanner Bin is a small family business, created in Boise, ID - USA, by Jasper - an engineer who wanted to solve a few simple problems that he faced when scanning with his smartphone.

      What makes our product unique?

      Our approach is to offer the maximum utility at the lowest possible cost. We want this simple accessory to be readily available to anyone who may benefit from it. Now, with over ten thousand customers, we have listened to all the feedback and continue to refine the product.

      Why we love what we do?

      This has become a passion project for us as we have developed new use cases. It can aid those who are visually impaired to read documents out loud. It can also help those with essential tremor and other movement disorders to take advantage of the convenience of scanning with their smartphones.

      If you have any questions at all, please reach out: